As a fully qualified Graphic Designer I am skilled in most areas of graphic design. Being flexible I can take designs from initial specifications, through to final product delivery. I am skilled in both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Some of my work to date include t-shirt design, company logos, website sliders, socal media advertising, leaflets, brochures, flyers and much more... I am experienced in creating designs for varying mediums including canvas, vinyl, print, large format ...

As an Illustrator the subject matter of my Illustrations to date vary across different genres. Character based illustrations make up a significant number of my art works, all of my illustrations are digital mostly created in Adobe Photoshop. As a highly creative individual I have a particular eye for detail, most of my works are created at high resolutions (300dpi+ A3+).

In addition to my primary skills as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator I enjoy creating digital portraiture in a semi-realistic manner, at present the subject manner of my portraits is that of famous people, I also do the odd self-portrait.

When I'm not busy being all of the above (Graphic Designer / Illustrator / Portrait Artist) I like to keep my skills fresh creating the odd sketch and stretching my skills and learning new things. Other things include caricatures, and general sketches, I even dust off the pencils sometimes and give my graphics tablet a rest.

Daniel Humphrey (thats me on the left)

A Freelance Graphic Designer And Illustrator from London. Since an early age I have drawn and this passion has inevitably developed into a love of digital artwork, which has led me to pursue a career in the creative industry. My designs are realistic enough to look photographic at times, but their other-worldly subjects come completely from my imagination.

Recently my art has been of a more conceptual illustration nature, covering a range of different genres and styles. Being a fully qualified graphic designer means I have a broad skill set including the ability to create logos and other graphic elements that makes me, creatively, an all-rounder.

Adobe Photoshop plays a major role in my creative process; All my paintings have been crafted in Adobe Photoshop, so no paint has been spilt in the making of any of my work, just my drink on my Wacom tablet! (I have a sense of humour too!)

If there are any questions or enquiries about my work or you wish to acquire my services please feel free to contact me.

Artists/Illustrators That Have Inspired Me